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Importance of Eco-friendly and Biodegradable Areca Plates

We are responsible citizens of this earth. So each one of us needs to contribute towards reducing carbon footprints. But how can we do that? There are several ways to make such a contribution. One such way is by investing and using dinnerware made of areca leaves.

Well, products like plates of areca leaf are eco-friendly and biodegradable too. To make areca plates, areca leaves of the finest quality collected. It is then modified to give the proper shape of a plate. These plates are used as dinnerware. Plates made with areca leaves are bio-degradable and cause no harm to mother earth.

Importance of areca leaf plates

Well, these leaves are sturdy in texture. So stands perfect to make dinner plates and bowls. Here we can take a look at the reasons behind the popularity of areca leaf plates.

The plates of areca leaves used as dinnerware in birthday, festivals, etc.

Such plates and bowls are also used in various restaurants due to their high level of hygiene. Apart from using as dinnerware, these leaves are also used for packing purposes too. One great thing about this product is that it is microwave friendly.

While preparing dinner wares from this leaf, special care is also taken. Plates prepared from fallen husks leaves of this tree. After collecting these leaves are pressure washed and kept under the sun to dry. After this molding and sterilizing process completed. These leaves can mold in different shapes and sizes. Plates with different sizes like round, hexagon rectangle, etc are available. You can get them in 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” dimensions. These leaves are semi-flexible but not fragile. Due to this feature, these leaves are easy to use for the production of plates and bowls. These leaves are odorless and resistant to heat and water. Hence, people can use products made of areca leaf without any worry. The dinnerware made of this leaf needs to be consumed within 2 months from the date of manufacturing. well, otherwise, such plates will get self-destroyed in a natural way. It happens as areca leaves can decompose on its own.

We are prone to use plastic made cups, carry bags, plates, etc.

But dinnerware made of areca leaves is something revolutionary. There is a constant increase in the demand for these plates. Use it once and you will experience the difference.

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