Shreeimpex Dinnerware

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Opened since 2015

About us


Welcome to Shreeimpex


Shree Impex is an eco-friendly initiative inspired by the Indian government to reduce the use of plastic and protect nature. We have been in the business since 2015 to make premium and fully functional, environmentally friendly and biodegradable Areca Leaf products in various shapes such as bowls, plates, spoons.

We serve the overseas market and maintain the best standard in the industry. Shree Impex is an Indian company based in Karnataka with great growth potential. Raw materials and skilled workers are available in abundance here.


We Believe

“If women are empowered, we can create more peaceful societies”

Since 2015, Shree Impex has positively impacted the livelihoods of hundreds of rural women who are actively involved in our supply chain. With the support of Women on Wings, an organization for social impact, Shree Impex is committed to increasing this impact every year. In addition, our backend operations are almost exclusively run by women.


Shree Impex's Oath

"We promise that you'll always receive the highest quality products and the very best customer service from us."

We work hard to improve our environmental, health, and safety management systems. We also focus on the quality of our products, processes, and services. We commit to provide you the highest quality of products and services and ensure 0 defects in the products we sell.